Abdullah’s Story

A Reason To Stay + A Part to Play

Abdullah’s confectionary shop helps to provide a livelihood for him while he also leads the church. This sustainable flow of income from the small business is also helping to empower their church to run its own outreach programs. Elders of the church currently hold sewing skills and swimming classes. In addition, they also have a music studio, producing Kurdish worship and posting it online for other Kurdish churches to use in their gatherings!

These small business grants not only give Christian business owners an opportunity to rebuild their lives, but it also gives them a hope for the future and a reason to stay in the country to continue being a light in darkness. Small business grants also help lay the groundwork for local churches to become self-sustaining.

They become the army.
They become the influencers.
They become the disciple-makers.
They become the ones reaching their nation!

The Church Will Find A Way

Through tough economic times, the invasion of ISIS and the Syrian Civil War – the minority groups who populated Northern Iraq either settled in refugee camps or small abandoned villages. The infrastructure needed to sustain these communities is slowly reaching these undeveloped villages.

In the meantime, our mobile medical clinic continues to consistently serve over 630 people a month, sharing Jesus and seeing decisions for Christ (62 just in the first 3 months of 2024 alone)! It’s in one of these isolated communities that a group of believers is rising up and becoming a new church!

You and I have an opportunity to help establish this local church – one that has the ability to reach and disciple over 600 displaced families with the Gospel message of Jesus in their area. A church in this area will serve as a hub of relief, hope, promise and purpose for the families who now call this place their home. You can help make this a reality.

Farrah’s Story

From Iraq: The Multiplication of Disciples

Last year, we shared the story of Farrah – a Yazidi refugee living in Iraq who fled ISIS in 2014. In 2021, she signed up for World Compassion’s salon skills training, and while there she received prayer, heard the message of Jesus, and gave her life to Christ! Since completion of the training, Farrah has continued to be discipled by the leaders of the program, even witnessing to her brother who also gave his life to Christ. In addition, she went on to start her own salon business.

Farrah has now taken the place of her instructor who had to leave to go to another camp. Now, she is the one serving the other ladies while also actively sharing Jesus and making disciples along the way!

This program is making discipleship makers – disciples making disciples.

Seeing Farrah’s 180 degree turnaround reminds me God is in the business of taking what the enemy meant for evil and turning it around for good.

Making A Summer Splash in Cuba!

Over the course of a week, teams will be partnering with these church planters to:

  1. Host a men’s conference for 100 men
  2. Host two women’s conferences for 300 to 400 women
  3. Minister to over 100 pastor couples at a leadership conference
  4. Help complete multiple church plant construction projects
  5. Reach 300 kids through sports camps


At our sports camps, we’ll not only be sharing the Gospel message, but we’ll also be sharing on topics like identity, character, courage, and commitment. These camps are reaching families in the same communities where we are helping to plant churches. Pray with us that they will get connected to these church plants.

Ways You Can Help

Small Business Grants

Empower five more business leaders this year with small business grants of $6000 (£4,710) for a total of $30,000 (£23,550).

Vocational Skills Training

For just $115 (£92), you can provide skills training for refugee women.

Mobile Medical Clinic

It costs $33,900 (£27,132) to operate the mobile medical clinic for a year or $2,825 (£2,261) per month.

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You can help empower a Christian in a nation restricted to the message of Jesus from right where you are.


Your giving is what helps transform the spiritual and physical lives of people around the world.


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