In a nation ruled by an oppressive military government, our ABC Bible curriculum and Ministry Training Center are essential to equip the Church in Myanmar to reach their people.



In a nation of nearly 54 million people, Myanmar is 89% Buddhist.


Discipleship and Ministry Graduates

Over 1,000 students have completed our ABC Discipleship and full-time Ministry Training Center programs.


Current Students

The next generation of leaders in Myanmar is studying our ABC discipleship training curriculum, 280 lessons of comprehensive Bible teaching.

Myanmar is 89% Buddhist. 

It is also extremely remote. To reach many villages, you’d have to take boat rides for hours down narrow canals infested with mosquitoes.

Empowering local pastors, teachers, and evangelists to reach their own communities and to go where others couldn’t go is essential to the Gospel going forward in this nation.

ABC Discipleship

Our ABC program is also used in Myanmar, offering local churches a systematic and comprehensive teaching structure to help them disciple believers in the context of their own community. This empowers them to make disciples and train future leaders, expanding their capacity to continue reaching more people for Jesus.

The ABC program helps disciple new believers from the basics of the faith all the way through to evangelism, marriage, leadership, and church planting.

Many students complete their training and begin leading their own house churches in both remote villages and urban centers, often teaching out of the very curriculum we provide.

Church Planting

Myanmar is an under-developed nation. The lack of infrastructure and the difficult climate make it imperative to train up local Burmese people to reach their nation for Jesus.

By training and sending local Burmese people to plant churches in remote areas, we are helping reach “the ends of the earth” in Myanmar.

When a church is planted by a former ABC or MTC student, a system of duplication begins. Often, these new pastors start a discipleship training program of their own using ABC curriculum to attract and raise up more leaders in their specific region.

Ministry Training

For local Burmese people who feel God leading them into church planting or full-time ministry in some way, we provide access to the Ministry Training Center (MTC). Partnering closely with a local church, students attend an intensive 9-month course where they receive practical ministry experience in the local church while also going through our ABC discipleship and leadership training.

This simple strategy of making disciples and training leaders through ABC and MTC is raising up an army and building a strong foundation of faith across Myanmar.

In addition, we also provide leadership conferences to church leaders, teaching on relevant topics of the day.

We can’t do this without you.

Your gift to any one of these programs can help reach a nation that is currently 89% Buddhist.


Your giving is what helps transform the spiritual and physical lives of people around the world.


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