On any given Sunday, we get the privilege to walk into church buildings and freely worship in seats that were paid for by the generosity of other believers who had people like us in mind. Today, you have an opportunity to provide the exact same experience for the people of Cuba.


Regular Home Church Attendance

Pastors are allowed to build extensions onto their homes to host larger house church gatherings, sometimes with over 100 people in attendance.


Average Monthly Wages

With monthly wages averaging just $50 per month, churches cannot expand fast enough to handle all the people who are coming.

Pastor Javier

Pastor Javier is in need of $22,000 to complete his church. He is expanding his home to allow more room for believers that currently meet in a cramped living room. Pastor Javier is influential in his community with a heart to reach the youth and serve orphans. In light of this, the expansion will have a new sanctuary, classrooms for children, and a new roof for their home to withstand the tropical weather.

Pastor Eglis

Pastor Eglis and his family are in need of $21,465 to extend his church. His ministry shifted 7 years ago when he took in a 70 year old homeless woman into their house/church and cared for her for a year until she passed. This birthed a deep compassion within him for the homeless and hurting in downtown Havana where his church is located. His expansion will include the purchase of a new building to make space for two classrooms, a kitchen, and a changing room for the homeless.

Pastor Noel

Pastor Noel was gifted property from a lady in his church to start a new church plant. Several apartments with 120 people each surround this property and the nearest church is over 4 miles away. Pastor Noel comes from a pastoral family and is currently serving as a leader in another church. He is eager to be sent on mission into a community where crime and drugs are a problem. His cell group is currently meeting in an apartment with 40 believers.

Pastor Alfredo

Pastor Alfredo has been pastoring for over 20 years. Currently, his church is meeting in cell groups through the town because the church is too small to meet in. He has a heart for raising leaders and sending them out as church planters. His project, costing $14,414, will expand the sanctuary on the first floor and finish the second floor so that his church can gather as one body.

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