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Over the years, we have introduced you to dozens of Iranian believers who forsake comfort for the call of being a disciple of Jesus.


It costs something to be a Christian in Iran.

Over the years, we have introduced you to dozens of Iranian believers who forsake comfort for the call of being a disciple of Jesus.

We recently met yet another individual – we’ll call him Pastor Abraham to protect his identity – who has experienced tremendous hardship at the hands of a government and culture that is hostile towards Christianity.

Despite the trials he has faced – even adversity to the point of having to flee his home country – his mission has not changed: spread the Gospel, make disciples, and see Iran changed with the message of Jesus.

For years, Pastor Abraham has been dedicated to ministering in Iran by distributing Bibles and creating discipleship programs that bolster the church in various cities.

But he knew that this ministry would come at a cost. His father was the first martyr in the modern era of Iran.

Just months ago, Pastor Abraham’s home was raided by Iranian officials. As they conducted their search (lasting from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.), several Bibles and discipleship materials he had been working to distribute were exposed, evidence of his commitment to Christ and evangelism in Iran.

After the raid, Pastor Abraham was faced with an ultimatum: either begin to cooperate with the Iranian government in direct opposition to Christianity and the spread of the Gospel message or face what would be an unpredictable punishment from his country’s officials.

Unwilling to accept either reality, Pastor Abraham took a bold step. He gathered his family and fled their home country, leaving everything behind.

Even from a distance, safe in a new country of residence, his burden to see Iran evangelized and discipled has not changed.

Pastor Abraham continues to partner with hundreds of pastors and Bible distributors inside of Iran to see people come to know Christ and to see believers mature in their faith through discipleship training!

It wasn’t until he left Iran that we learned he was actually one of the people helping move World Compassion Bibles in Iran!

After years of ministry, his conviction remains that Bibles are still the key that unlocks the door to evangelism and maturity in the Iranian Church.

At a young age, he remembers his father learning the news that Bibles would become illegal in Iran at the order of the radical Islamic regime. He recalls his dad forcing him to create a handwritten copy of the New Testament, just in case it became impossible to find one. He would take time each evening after finishing his school work to write out passages of Scripture. It took him one year to complete.

Pastor Abraham’s upbringing led him to commit his life to getting as many people in Iran access to God’s Word as possible. He shared with us:

“Starting in 2006, I worked with a computer programmer to produce the first Bible software in Iran. From 2006 to now, we have improved the software. It has been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

People are glad [when they receive the electronic Bible], but all the time, I hear this sentence. Believers ask me:

“Brother Abraham, when can I have my own Bible?”

Every believer has to touch the Book.

As someone who is involved with this ministry, I insist: people need their own Bible.”

He went on to share, “Having a Bible, having the book, is a dream for every new believer.”

Did you catch that? Having a Bible is still a dream for every believer – not yet a reality.

Our goal this year has been to reach 100,000 people with Bibles they desire so much. It’s a critical step to strengthening the church and continuing to empower an evangelistic movement!

Each Bible you give is a token of support to the Body of Christ in Iran! You’re letting them know that, in the risk and for the price they pay, they are not alone.

Remember, each Bible you give is also an evangelistic tool that opens the door to ministry to unbelievers.

Last month, we shared that nearly 50 million Iranians have left the Islamic faith in recent years. This means that there is an unprecedented opportunity for the Gospel. Hearts are open to receive something new!

Despite the risk – despite the cost – the Iranian church is poised to reach out with Bibles in hand to these 50 million men and women who are open and searching.

This leaves me with a sense of urgency to respond during this unique time in Iran’s history. Think about it – God chose us to be His church during this time on the earth. We are aware of the need, the opportunity in Iran, and we have a way to respond. The question is: what is required of us?

Would you be willing to sacrifice alongside these Iranian believers to get them the Bibles they need to mature in their faith and reach their neighbors for Jesus?

Our team is so thankful for all who have sensed the need in Iran and have responded sacrificially. It will take all of us giving our best gift to reach this goal for 100,000 people in Iran by the end of the year.

$7 (£6) reaches one person with a Bible in Iran. How many Bibles can you help send? How many people can you help reach? How many believers can you encourage?

As of this writing, 32,500 people have received a Bible so far this year! That means we still have 67,500 people left to reach to meet our goal for 2022. That’s $472,500 (£405,000) needed to reach 100,000 people!

We experienced some delays earlier in the year due to security issues that caused a slow start, but we can still rally and finish strong with your support!

As we approach the giving season of the year, would you consider World Compassion in your giving plans so that together we can continue igniting the fire of evangelism taking place in Iran?

Thank you for your prayers and financial partnership. Let’s finish 2022 strong!

Costly grace is the treasure hidden in the field; for the sake of it a man will go and sell all that he has. It is the call of Jesus Christ at which the disciple leaves his nets and follows him. Such grace is costly because it calls us to follow, and it is grace because it calls us to follow Jesus Christ. It is costly because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it gives a man the only true life.

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