Supporting the People of Israel

Here’s how you can help:

    • $60 (£50) helps provide a food box to a family. We are providing food boxes and a Bible to both Israeli and Palestinian families who are innocent bystanders.  
    • $50 (£42) helps provide clothing for someone in need. We already have 550 families identified who need jackets, socks, shoes, water canteens and other basic daily needs.
  • Mobile Food Kitchens: These are sent to worn-torn areas, feeding families who are stuck and Israeli soldiers defending their nation.

As the world knows Iran is supportive and behind the recent Hamas attacks against Israel, one of World Compassion’s Iranian team members sent this message. We hope this gives you some perspective and encouragement about what God is doing in the midst of this.

Message from Amir:

After the start of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, despite all the government’s anti-Israel propaganda efforts, including distributing sweets and drinks in the streets, the majority of Iranians declare their support for Israel. They defend Israel’s cause on social media, in the metro, and in the streets. For years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to damage the friendship between the people of Iran and Israel, but today, more than ever, the Iranian people stand by Israel and strongly condemn the attacks by Palestinians and extremist Islamists against the people and the country of Israel. All of these conditions indicate that today, more than ever, the Iranian people are thirsty for justice and are willing to accept the word of God and have faith in Christ. A man who was a supporter of the Islamic Republic and a religious person had a spiritual experience where he felt God touch his heart, and he gave his heart to Christ during a phone call. I believe that God is doing great things in Iran these days.

God bless Israel.
God bless you.

I want to help the people of Israel!

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