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The Cost of Discipleship

The Lord is actively moving all across the country, and despite opposition from the Chinese government, people are receiving the gift of salvation on a daily basis by the grace of God working in the lives of Chinese believers. It’s estimated that 15,000 people come to know Jesus every day in China, and these people need to be discipled.

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Winning the Struggle

The winters can be cold and dreary in China. Every year about this time we shuttle in and out of communities throughout the country, under cloudy and rainy conditions, meeting pastors and believers in homes, offices, hotels and coffee shops. We huddle together with our Chinese team planning the expansion of the ABC Discipleship Training and Missions Training Programs for the upcoming year, while keeping a low profile.

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Skype with Sarah

The Iranian people need hope, truth, and life in a tangible form that they can keep in their hands and hearts. By sending 100,000 Bibles to Iran, we are providing the Iranian people with a world of knowledge in their own language.

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A Nation Hungry for Change

We recent interviewed one of the members from the daily TV program. The cry for help was not new; it was simply, “We need more Bibles”! She is believing with us that partners like you will respond to the call and help us continuing smuggling the thousands of Bibles that are needed for the growing underground church in Iran.

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A boy released from “prison”.

On our most recent refugee relief trip to Iraq, we hosted a medical team from Word of Life Church in Sweden. Their team also brought along team members who were able to put on a kids’ program while the parents were treated medically. This turned out to be a life-changing event for one boy in particular.

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Burma Update

This spring we celebrated the first graduating class of 40 students from the New World Compassion Ministry Training Center (MTC) in southern Burma (Myanmar). Our mission is to help train and equip the local church in the nations where we work, and this new training program is proving to effectively accomplish that mission.

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