A New Generation is Rising

From the Front Lines in Myanmar

This month marks three years since the military coup in Myanmar (Burma). In recent months sections of the country have escalated in civil war with freedom fighting groups coordinating attacks against the Military Junta.

People living in the midst of this feel hopeless as these struggles have only magnified their already devastated economy sending families into dire situations.

Families living near war zones have sent their children to other parts of the country out of concern for their safety. Others have literally abandoned their children, leaving them to work on the streets to provide for themselves putting them at risk of being trafficked.

In the midst of all of this our team, who was recently in Myanmar, held a one-day conference with 550 attendees. Over 350 of these people were our ABC Discipleship and Leadership Students in the area. While all from the same city, attendees represented different denominations. It was incredible to have many of our students come together like this for the first time.

What stood out to our team was the majority of the people were under the age of 30! It was a sign of how hungry the next generation is to seek after the Lord! The conference began with an explosive worship experience, young people pressing into the Lord with all their hearts. Within a few seconds of worship the presence of the Lord permeated the room. There is a new generation of Christian leaders arising in Myanmar!

Myanmar Update:

Hosting our first conference since the pandemic!

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13 Year-Old Girl Forgives Earthly Father After Receiving The Love of Her Heavenly Father

ABC Discipleship In Action

One pastor at the conference invited our team to their church where they also have a girls home for twenty young ladies. Our team met them for the first time as they are new students in our ABC program. While sitting and talking to them, they discovered these girls are victims of the current situation in Myanmar. Several of their families sent them away from the fighting to live in this home, while others were outright disowned by their parents, forced to live on the streets and provide for themselves.

Our country directors connected with him and now all 20 of the girls in their home are studying our ABC material together! While visiting their home, our team witnessed these young ladies reading and writing in their books. Taking in all they could from God’s word and digesting it into their hearts!

3 Yes’s = A Healed Heart

They shared how they never heard about Jesus or understood salvation before they got to this home and started going through our ABC curriculum. One 13-year-old girl told our team that studying her ABC books taught her about forgiveness and “gave her the strength to forgive her father.” No one will truly understand the pain or abuse she may have endured from her earthly father, but her heavenly Father not only understands, but is giving her the strength to find healing!

This moment was the culmination of the generosity of the partners of World Compassion, met with the coordination of our leaders and distributors of ABC Discipleship curriculum and the perseverence of these pastors looking for a way to bring truth and healing to the hearts of the girls that God has brought into their care. God strategically orhestrated this young girl’s healing through the hands of World Compassion partners, local leaders on the ground and a Pastor’s simple ‘yes.’ This is how we disciple the nations!

Let’s Enroll 1,200 New ABC Discipleship Students in Myanmar This Year!

We want to continue to light a fire in the hearts of this young generation in Myanmar. To help develop them to be strong in faith, character and uncompromising in their pursuit of the Lord. You can be a part of this!

We have a goal to enroll 1,200 new students into our ABC program in Myanmar. For $50 (£40) you can help sponsor one of these students to receive the full set of our ABC curriculum. Your support also helps cover our Burmese teams on the ground who manage the program including their travel cost as they visit each of our ABC groups throughout the year. How many discipleship students can you help start in Myanmar today?

The total goal is $60,000 (£48,000) to get all 1,200 students going quickly. We want to capitalize on the momentum coming off this conference. $100 (£80) supports two students or $500 (£400) supports 10 students.

The giving of World Compassion partners like you is what equips us to go to host conferences like this and puts our ABC curriculum into the hands of thousands of students like these young ladies. Whatever gift you can give today will be a significant piece to all we do.

2023 Partner Impact Report

Iran: (Bible Outreach)

  • We reached 51,000 people with the Gospel through our Bible smuggling and distribution outreach. 
  • We are almost halfway to our 12-month goal of reaching 120,000 people with the Gospel through this Bible outreach by summer of 2024.

Iraq: (Compassion Evangelism)

  • 323 refugees received skills training through World Compassion partners
  • 5,400 people were served through our mobile medical clinic
  • 237 Yazidis or Muslim people gave their lives to Jesus!

Asia: (ABC Discipleship)

  • 2,000 New Discipleship students enrolled in our ABC Discipleship and leadership course. 


  • Over 650 ministry leaders attended our conferences in Asia and the Middle East. 

Christmas Outreaches:

  • Hundreds of children and families received Christmas care packages in Israel, Iraq and Myanmar.

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