Compassion Evangelism In Action

Compassion Evangelism is meeting a physical or practical need while also sharing the message of Jesus. Often, meeting the physical need opens someone’s heart to receive spiritual truth. Over the years we have served people in this way in natural disasters, during times of war, but also as a regular model of evangelism in nations restricted to the Gospel.


A Note from our President, Jason Law:
In the winter of 1992, my dad and founder of World Compassion took a team to Russia for Bible Distribution. They were doing a filming project telling the story of what was happening in Russia at that time. It was a cold snowy day and down the street from where they were filming was a line of people behind a big truck – all waiting to see if there would be enough bread to go around. Soon the truck pulled away leaving several families without any bread for the week. 
As they began to walk home, many people there had never seen such a film crew and were asking what my dad and the team were doing there. The translator shared that these people are here to give away Bibles.  An elderly grandmother (or babushka) snickered something under her breath as she moved past the crew on the way back to her house empty handed. My dad wanted to know what she said, but the translator was very hesitant to share. After some persistence from my dad, the translator finally shared the words that became the catalyst for a shift in how we did missions moving forward: I CAN’T EAT YOUR BIBLES. 
My dad shared that those words were like a slap across his face. There they were trying to give people the Bread of Life but the people were physically starving! God cares about both our spiritual and physical needs. This moment caused us to adjust our approach in many settings around the world to adopt Compassion Evangelism as a way to reach nations! 
Let’s continue to reach nations hostile to the gospel through Compassion Evangelism!
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In Myanmar

The past three years Myanmar has been under Military rule while rebel forces continue to ramp up counter attacks. These pockets of civil war have left the people, already living in an impoverished nation, in extremely challenging economic situations. Men are unable to find jobs and it’s difficult for families to obtain food. Our national directors recently told us they waited in line for two hours to get fuel and were turned away. In one isolated area where fighting persists a gallon of gas reached $120/gallon ($30/liter)! Can you imagine that? 

People in Myanmar are living under the pressures of civil war and severe economic struggles. Life feels broken and hopeless for many. It’s in these moments that oftentimes people are more open to the Gospel – especially in a nation that is 89% Buddhist.

Meeting Needs, Opening Hearts

For example, over the Christmas season, World Compassion partners mobilized 8 local churches in Myanmar to provide Christmas packages to 800 families. These packages included food, cleaning supplies and cooking oil, but they also included bibles and even a Christian coloring book with pencils for the kids. Though most of these churches in Myanmar are smaller, over 3,500 people either received a package or heard the Gospel message because of this outreach! At one outreach alone, our teams saw over 500 respond to the altar call to receive prayer.

One pastor shared a story of a non-believing family who received a Christmas package and was so moved by the generosity that they showed up to church and volunteered to help cook the Christmas meal for the Christmas services! One act of kindness, one need met, one seed sown which attracted an entire family to come back, hear more about the Gospel message and even serve the local church! This is the fruit of Compassion Evangelism!

In Cuba

In Cuba, there are significant periods of time where certain supplies or food just become unavailable. This shortage of food and supplies can cause desperation and hopelessness to spread throughout communities. Families are faced with the extra mental hurdle of figuring out how to live without some of the very ‘basics’ of life. Things we take for granted, like chicken, have been known to quickly become black market items because they are not available in grocery stores. 

During times like these, we have an opportunity to mobilize the church in Myanmar and Cuba to help them show God’s tangible love to hurting and lost people. We want them to know they have a Heavenly Father who cares about the struggles they are in today, and He also cares about their eternity.

Help Reach Thousands This Easter

Today, as you read this, our teams in restricted nations like Myanmar, Iraq and Cuba are preparing for Easter outreaches. We have an opportunity to reach thousands of people again with your help.

For just $45, you can provide an Easter package for a family filled with food, soap, toiletries, gifts for the kids, The Story of Jesus booklet and a Bible. Your giving empowers our network of local churches to impact their communities in a personal and sustainable evangelism model.

How many struggling, unreached families can you help reach this Easter?  It’s in these moments of brokenness that the spirit of man is often more open and receptive to receiving Jesus.  Your giving is not only meeting their physical need, but their spiritual need as well.

We’re targeting over 3,500 homes this Easter around the World. The number of people in each family varies but a conservative number of people reached with the Easter story could easily exceed 14,000 people –   all strategically facilitated through local churches who are there for follow up and discipleship. 

$45 helps reach one home. 
$450 reaches 10 homes. 
$4,500 reaches 100 homes.

Celebrate with us!

Through our mobile medical clinic in Northern Iraq, 226 people made decisions to receive Christ in 2023. 

This is Compassion Evangelism in action!

I’m ready to share the Easter message in restricted nations!

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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries d/b/a World Compassion and its affiliates are not a part of nor associated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion.

We can’t do this without you.

God has empowered His people, including you, to change the world. 

You can help empower a Christian in a nation restricted to the message of Jesus from right where you are.


Your giving is what helps transform the spiritual and physical lives of people around the world.


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